Online 200 YTT course - Module 2


- Practice daily:

  • Mix the module's physical practice videos with the online classes for variety.

- Orange book read:

  • Nadi Sodana Pranayama p385-395
  • Ujjayi Pranayama p402-404
  • Bramarhi Pranayama p399-402

- Record two videos:

  • Record a 60min (or more) video of your physical practice.

    It should be similar to the training session videos and be planned as below:

    • Warm-up: use the Sun Salutations from the previous module 3-5 time.

    • Main practice: use the poses viewed in this module and the previous module.

    • Cooldown: use all reclining poses learned so far.

    We recommend sending it early in your practice to get feedback and corrections if applicable. So you can apply those to your daily practice (you may record more than one video to confirm improvements).

  • Record yourself teaching and demonstrating the pranayama techniques viewed in this Module.

- Fill your Course Manual Diary:

  • Fill the pdf pages as you are watching the lectures.

    For the setups, you need to write them in your own words and imagine that you are teaching to a beginner that has no knowledge of yoga and anatomy (you can inspire yourself from the orange book and the internet, but don't copy and paste).

Sending homework:

  • Upload your videos and send us the links via email.
  • Send the filled pdf of the lectures viewed in this module.
  • Use the following subject format in your emails:
      subject: online 200 YTT course - [your full name] - Module 2

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