Our Story

Ghislain came to my Pilates classes over 12 years ago complaining about back pain. However, we quickly discover that we share a passion for human mobility.

Then, romance came, and we start a journey together, first our studio and now our online system.

We have been working hard to gain our physicality in our different fields and experiences, as we weren’t gifted with natural flexibility. And also, dealing with injuries made us look for other ways to develop, including personal researching and qualifying in different fitness training, yoga and Pilates.

Our accessible and progressive method, which doesn’t require initial flexibility, develops mobility through a blend of conditioning training, Pilates and yoga.

By the way, Ghislain doesn’t have back issues for many years already.

Our Qualifications

Fabiola Reyes

  • Bachelor of Music Degree
  • Diploma Contemporary Dance
  • Diploma Gym and Aerobics Instructor
  • Diploma Pilates Instructor
  • Diploma Hatha Yoga Instructor
  • Diploma Ashtanga Yoga Instructor
  • Diploma Body Expression
  • Certificate Personal Training
  • Certificate Pre and Post Natal Exercise
  • Certificate Older Adult Exercise
  • Certificate Pilates Special Populations
  • Certificate TRX instructor

Ghislain Lumine

  • Certificate Yoga Teacher
  • Certificate STOTT Pilates Instructor
  • Certificate Teaching Capoeira for Children
  • Certificate Fitness Instructor
  • Certificate Personal Training
  • Certificate TRX instructor

The Physical Side

There is more in Yoga than flexibility and crazy poses. Yoga can progressively develop mobility to perform your daily activity without joint or muscle stress. In addition, researches have shown improvement in the endocrine, cardiorespiratory and nervous systems.

By balancing our strength and flexibility, we can:

maintain our spine in the natural alignment

  • release organ compression
  • improve posture
  • relieve back pain
  • improve flexibility strength and balance
  • reduce joint pain
  • regulate the nervous system
  • balance mind-body functionality
  • improve breathing
  • enhance general health.

The first thing you learn in yoga is the benefit of having a deep and long breath as we can slow down the blood circulation cooling the nervous system. Thus, during yoga practice, we are creating pressure points, stimulating blood circulation and massaging our organs.

The Mental Side

Overthinking cause mind saturation, and most of the time, we don’t know how to release it.

Continuously practising breath control (pranayama) teaches us to keep our concentration in the present moment (with each breath).

Through breath control, we can calm our mind and slow down overthinking. As the breath becomes slower and deeper, it causes the bloodstream and the heart to slow down, releasing pressure from our nervous system.

In the beginning, we need someone to guides us to learn to relax and focus the mind. After continued practise, we can do it on our own at any time.

Understanding the power of the mind will give us clarity and mental health.

Which type of yoga is the best?

There is only one yoga, yet, there are many brands however there are all based on the same poses (asanas).

A good yoga class should have detox, strength and flexibility, restorative and balancing poses.

There are different techniques and styles to teach those poses as Ashtanga (dynamic), Iyengar (using props), Hatha Yoga (static and releasing). But all is depending on the flexibility and strength of your own body.

That’s why we designed and classify our classes in different type, level and intensity depending on mobility.