A Class For You

Level:  Suitable for all levels & beginners.

Intensity: Gentle – Moderate

What to bring: a Yoga mat

Indulge in our Gentle Yoga Flow class, seamlessly combining Hatha Yoga and Pilates. Enhance strength and flexibility with a focus on breath awareness. Experience a stress-free practice, avoiding complex poses. Immerse yourself in mindful movement and holistic well-being as you explore our soothing blend of Yoga and Pilates.

Level: Intermediate

Intensity: Moderate – Strong

What to bring: a Yoga mat, two small Yoga blocks and a belt. You can come to the first class without blocks or a belt if you don’t have one.

Embark on the journey between Gentle Flow and Power Flow Yoga with our Moderate Flow Yoga class. Perfect for those familiar with basic yoga poses, this class introduces more poses to enhance your strength and flexibility. Experience safe and steady progress as you explore without pressure. Ideal for Gentle Flow practitioners seeking a bit more challenge after a few months. Elevate your practice with Moderate Flow Yoga—try it and feel the empowering difference!

Level: Experienced 

Intensity: Strong

What to bring: a Yoga mat, two small Yoga blocks and a belt. You can come to the first class without blocks or a belt if you don’t have one.

Dive into our invigorating Power Flow Yoga! Experience a dynamic blend of Ashtanga, Hatha, and strength conditioning, incorporating challenging postures and arm-weight poses. No need to stress about flexibility or strength—we provide adaptations for all levels. Our inclusive approach caters to diverse body types, ensuring a comfortable and empowering journey for both body and mind. Join us for a powerful practice that embraces your unique pace and development.

Level: Suitable for all levels

Intensity: Moderate – Strong

What to bring: a Yoga mat and a small block

Revitalise your core with our dynamic Core Strength/Pilates class! This energetic full-body workout combines strength conditioning, Pilates exercises, and Yoga stretches. Specifically designed to target your core muscles, this class promotes good posture and provides support for your back and joints during daily activities. Get ready to feel the power of your core! Join us for a session that energises and strengthens from within.

Level: Suitable for all levels

Intensity: Strong

What to bring: a Yoga mat and a water bottle

Elevate your fitness with our Stretch & Tone class! A whole-body workout suitable for all levels, enhancing heart health, endurance, and fat burning. Experience high-intensity interval training with aerobic and anaerobic exercises, along with bodyweight strength conditioning, Pilates, and Yoga stretches. Join us for a dynamic and effective session that caters to your fitness journey!

Level: Suitable for all levels & beginners

Intensity: Gentle 

What to bring: a Yoga mat and a small Yoga block

Experience the rejuvenation of our Senior Yoga class! Gentle exercises and stretches keep your body moving and toned without straining joints. End with a relaxing phase to release stress. Perfect for regaining and maintaining mobility. Join us for a friendly and revitalising session tailored for seniors!

One-to-one or small group

Embark on a personalised yoga journey with our Private Yoga Sessions. Tailored to your unique needs and goals, these sessions are designed for individuals seeking specialised guidance. Whether recovering from traumas, injuries, surgery, or addressing body imbalances, our experienced instructors adapt each session to support your well-being. Our programs include postural assessment, strength conditioning, and mobility development, ensuring a holistic approach to your practice. Additionally, if you aspire to refine your yoga technique or master specific poses, our personal training sessions are crafted just for you. Initiate your yoga experience with personalised attention and achieve your wellness goals.