A Class For You

Level:  Suitable for all levels & beginners.

Intensity: Gentle – Moderate

What to bring: a Yoga mat

This class has a gentle flow and rhythm that is easy to follow, using Hatha Yoga, Pilates exercises, and using breath awareness.

It will help you strengthen and stretch the body globally without putting yourself under pressure with complex poses or stretches.

Level: Intermediate

Intensity: Moderate – Strong

What to bring: a Yoga mat, two small Yoga blocks and a belt. You can come to the first class without blocks or a belt if you don’t have one.

A bridge between Gentle Flow Yoga and Power Flow Yoga classes, where you learn more yoga poses and keep improving your strength and flexibility. It’s great for those familiar with basic yoga poses who want to explore more without pressure and with safe and steady progress.

If you have already been doing Gentle Flow for a couple of months and feel your body wants a little bit more. Try it!

Level: Experienced 

Intensity: Strong

What to bring: a Yoga mat, two small Yoga blocks and a belt. You can come to the first class without blocks or a belt if you don’t have one.

It is a powerful class!

​This class involve strengthening, balancing and challenging postures, mixing the Ashtanga series, Hatha Yoga, strength conditioning and challenging arms weight poses.

Don’t worry about the poses, flexibility or strength. If you are not in the full pose during the class, we will give you adaptations that can help you to develop comfortably physically and mentally.

​You won’t put your body or your mind under pressure. Our experience in different fitness areas helps us structure the classes with an open mind to different body types and help you develop. There is always a modification that may help you to work at your own pace.

Level: Suitable for all levels

Intensity: Moderate – Strong

What to bring: a Yoga mat and a small block

A dynamic and energetic full-body workout involving strength conditioning, Pilates exercises, and Yoga stretches. The class is designed to focus on your core muscles. Which helps you have a good posture and support your back and joints during your daily activities.

You will feel your core!!

Level: Suitable for all levels

Intensity: Strong

What to bring: a Yoga mat and a water bottle

A whole-body workout, suitable for all levels. It will improve your heart health, increase endurance and burn fat. Using aerobic and anaerobic exercises in the high-intensity interval training format, bodyweight strength conditioning, pilates, and yoga stretches.

Level: Suitable for all levels & beginners

Intensity: Gentle 

What to bring: a Yoga mat and a small Yoga block

This special class for seniors is revitalising, using smooth and gentle exercises and stretches to keep your body moving and toned without straining your joints. At the end of the class, there is a deep relaxation phase to help release stress and tension.

It’s a perfect class to regain & maintain mobility.

One-to-one or small group

Work towards your goals. We tailor the session to your own needs.

We have experience helping clients recover from traumas, injuries, surgery, or environmental body imbalance.

The session is adapted and designed to your needs and goals. The programmes incorporate postural assessment, strength conditioning and mobility development. 

Also, the personal training sessions are if you would like to improve your yoga technique and develop particular poses.

Virtual or at the studio to suit your preference.

Contact us for availability.