Terms & Conditions

Please note that all prices on the App and website have a handling fee included. However, there is no extra charge when paying by cash or cheque at the Studio. You also can create a bank transfer but contact the Studio prior setting it for agreement and details (note that your own bank may charge you for the transfer).

All Pass Card Memberships are 8 weeks valid.

All Memberships (Pass Cards and Unlimited) are non-transferable. We do not provide a refund of the membership. We do not extend the membership period.

Class Bookings are Subject to Availability.

When classes are full they will be highlighted in Red. When this happens you can add yourself to our waiting list via the App.

Cancellation of Bookings requires 6 hours notice. For late cancellations and no-shows, we try to be fair to everyone. If you have pre-paid (Pass Card or online bookings), we will automatically take a credit. If you have booked without pre-paying (over the phone or at the studio), you will be asked to pre-pay for your next booking. However, if the class isn’t fully booked, we will return the credit. If the class is fully booked, but someone is present to take your place, we will return the credit (for late cancellations only). Even if you need to cancel within 6 hours of a class, please contact us, as we will be able to accommodate others. This will be beneficial for you and us.

People on the waiting list will receive a notification that a place has become available in order of the list. If you don’t respond to the notification within the given time the next person will receive the notification and the first to make confirmation will receive the place.

Continuously booking classes and not turning up can be very frustrating for other members looking to get a space. Please inform us if you are unable to attend a class you are booked in for. Failure to do so on a regular basis may result in a temporary suspension from booking classes.

Should any Member, in the reasonable opinion of our staff, cause any nuisance or annoyance to other studio Members or staff or behave in a way deemed inappropriate to the well-being of the studio, then that Member may be refused admission. The decision of the Management of the Studio in this regard shall be considered as final.

Members join classes and use the Studio at their own risk. The Studio does not seek to limit its liability in respect of death or personal injury to Members caused by the negligence of the Studio or its Staff, it is nevertheless recommended that all Members if they are in any doubt whatsoever, should seek medical advice from their own doctor before joining the Studio.

The Studio waives all responsibility or any lost and/or stolen items belonging to members that may occur.

The Studio reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.



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