Mobility and Flexibility

Fabi Yoga in the yoga pose extended all four

When talking about flexibility,

we straight away dream of doing a split or some of us immediately say no way; I’m not flexible. Muscle flexibility varies depending on our genes, past and present physical activities, and stress levels.

When we are starting Yoga, the first thing that comes to our minds: Am I going to be flexible? How long is it going to take? And we walk in to get it as fast as we can.

The great benefits we can experiment with when we practise Yoga regularly are the changes in how we perform our daily activities; bending over to pick up things, standing, sitting, getting up from bed, walking, cycling, running, and reaching with our arms and hands.

Yoga Anywhere - Mobility and Flexibility
Fabi in Hand to Toe Yoga position in La Paz

Our muscles are constantly working. They need to be strong, and because of that, they become tighter. Therefore, it is essential to stretch and length our muscles to preserve the range of mobility.

We need 50 – 50 strengthening and stretching our bodies.

While we are stretching, it is important not to overstretch and not stretch until it is painful. At this point, we are pulling on tendons or ligaments, which isn’t recommended as tendons need to be strong to move the bones, and ligaments are meant to hold the joints in position while allowing movement.

Always stretch until it feels nice, no matter how far we can go. Remember that the goal is not to be flexible is to regain mobility. Yes, the flexibility will be a consequence but not our goal.

Having Yoga as part of your health routine will help you release joint stress and stimulate blood circulation in your muscles and your whole system.

Think in this way at any age when we feel tight and stiff, and we say we are old or getting old. When you experiment with freedom of movement, you feel energised and youthful.

Take Yoga as part of your routine. Follow this 20 days Yoga program, free on our YouTube channel.

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